Command & Conquer Rivals Beginners Guide – Ten Tips & Tricks

Command & Conquer Rivals Beginners Guide – Ten Tips & Tricks

Command & Conquer Rivals is one of the most recently released best strategy game ever with the PVP battle feature.

The game has been launched worldwide recently and has been receiving an overwhelming response from users all over the world.

The game has registered excellent pre-registration before the release and the numbers are breathtaking.

The game is created and released worldwide by Electronic Arts in association with Redwood studios.

They were very well known game makers all over the world.

Though this game has been available on PC, this is the first time they are introducing for a mobile version.

Command & Conquer Rivals Beginners Guide

And this game is available both in the Google Play store and iTunes for Android and ios.

Its been only a few days since the release of the game and the downloads have already crossed 1 million which shows how good the game is.

So let’s assume most of them reading this post might be newbies to Command & Conquer Rivals and you might be confused about the game, that’s why I have created this post to guide you in a right way to give the best tips & tricks to you.

No more pep talks, let’s jump straight into the game.

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Command & Conquer Rivals Beginners Guide

So let’s see the basic things of the game what it contains, how the game works and other stuff.

  • So basically this game is player vs player multiplayer battle.
  • And there are no missions are anything like in any other game.
  • Just you need to gather your troops and fight against the opponent.
  • The main basic of this game is you need to demolish the opponents base by launching a rocket or by hitting manually.
  • Demolishing opponents base by using rocket is the most preferred one.
  • You or your opponent anyone can launch the missile, but who occupies most no of floors is what matters.
  • There are maximum 3 platforms in the game if you occupy 2 platforms in the game and your opponent occupied only 1 floor then you can launch the rocket.
  • But if you occupied 1 platform and your opponent occupied 1 platform, and you both occupied another platform then the missile will remain neutral unless any one of them occupies that platform completely.
  • You can build your troops by using Tiberium because they are like mode of energy source to build troops.
  • You also have to build a separate base for building air troops, cavalry, infantry.
  • Tiberium harvester is provided to harvest Tiberium faster.
  • If your Tiberium harvester is demolished, another harvester will be provided for free.
  • You can be a commander to your base too.
  • Before going into the game you have to select your troops.
  • The reward will be given in the form of crates and there are different crates like the common crate, epic crate, rare crate.
  • Also, you can deliver a crate using the fuels.
  • Nod faction will unlock once you reach 9th level
  • Also, you can join in new alliances and even can play free battle with them.
  • Ans lots more features are available in this game
Tiberium is the key to the game, persons who collect more Tiberium will have the upper hand

Top 10 Beginners tips to master Command & Conquer Rivals

Tip 1 -Know the basics of the game

After downloading and starting to play the game, I recommend you to know the basics of the game first because it will help a lot in the growth of your career in this game.

I personally followed this tip and gained a lot of improvement in my game, that’s why I’m recommending it first.

Tip 2 – Select your deck carefully

So before starting to play you have to select your deck carefully because it determines your win or loss in te game. So know well which troops you are taking into the game.

I recommend you to include every troop in the right proportion in your deck which will increase your winning percentage.

Tip 3 – Upgrade your troops

So try to get more cards as rewards from the game which you can use it to upgrade your cards, also regularly upgrade your cards which will help you to grow in the game faster.

Tip 4 – Getting more Tiberium is the key

Tiberium is the main core of the game actually which is like a cash that can be used to build troops, so what you have to do is just unleash your Tiberium collector at the starting of the game itself. Also, select your deck based on Tiberium which will give you a good success rate.

Tip 5 – Dominate in launching Missiles

This is another main important thing you have to do in the game, try to launch your first missile as soon as possible because the player who launches his first missile gets the higher opportunities of success.

Tip 6 – Know about your troops

Try to know which troop can attack other troops,

for example

Talon aircraft can easily demolish your tank but it will be easily demolished by Missile squad and rhino.

But if you send Shockwave troopers to attack Talon Aircraft it is damn waste.

I think you’ll understand what im trying to say, just send the right troop to tackle the army.

Tip 7 – Unlock More Crates

Try to unlock more no of crates in the game which is also an important key in the game, always check for free crates and unlock new crates every 3 hours and complete bounties to achieve free crates.

Tip 8 – Try New Decks

Always try to change your decks in the game, don’t stick with the same decks, change your decks and find out which one workout for you.

This is also a strategy followed by most of the gamers.

Tip 9 – Join New Alliance

Try to join new alliance as soon as possible because through this option you can team with players and make friendly battles, Share and request cards.

Tip 10 -Follow the above tips

Just follow the above tips which will give you a brief clearance about the game and if you have any better strategies please share with us.

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