Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac – Easy Ways

Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac – Easy Ways

As a true gamer, everyone wants to enjoy their game on their Mac so that they can play the game on the large screen, also you can easily control the game through mouse and keyboard.

And you can experience high-level graphics option too and many more such features which were the key features of playing Command & Conquer Rivals on your PC.

This is not the first time Command & Conquer rivals is launching worldwide because this game is already launched many years ago for PC and it was a huge hit too.

After its success for the PC, they are now launching the game now for mobile versions for both Android and ios.

The game is created by Electronic arts in association with Redwood Studios and they were one of the best game makers all around the globe.

They were very well known for their games like Fifa and many more such games.

So you may want to know how to play ios or android version of Command & Conquer Rivals on your Mac.

Then what you have to do is just read out the following things that have been given below.

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Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac

Emulators are the easiest and preferred method by me personally and most of the users, follow the steps mentioned below.

The emulators that we are going to use are

ios Screen Recorder

If you want the best emulator to mirror your iPhone to your Mac then this ios Screen Recorder is the best.

Many more features such as recording & sharing are available too.

Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac

If you want to use this emulator just follow the steps given below.

  • On both your mobile phone and MacBook download ios Screen Recorder.
  • Then using USB cable connect your MacBook to your mobile.
  • Now tap start mirroring.
  • Now your mobile screen will be displayed on your Macbook.
  • Now start to play.


Using this emulator you can use any ios approved applications or games on your MacBook. you can use it even on your Linux and windows too.

Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac

The steps for using this emulator is given below.

  • Download the Ipadian emulator, extract it and then install.
  • It will take you to the new tab.
  • Search for Command & Conquer Rivals game, once you found the game install it and start playing.

Quick Time Player

When third-party apps are involved quick time player is one of the best and safest emulator.

It contains many options like using the mobile device as a controller while playing through mac.

Simply follow the steps given below

  • Connect your MacBook to iPhone device using lightning cable.
  • Once the connection is established open quick time player.
  • Click File in the menu bar.

Command & Conquer Rivals How to play on Mac

  • Select Movie Recording now.
  • Facetime HD camera will be selected as default, now change it to iPhone.
  • Now your device will be mirrored to PC.

MobiOne Studio

If you want to run android and ios games on your Macbook this is the best emulator ever.

The one big disadvantage it has is that this emulator is not free, however, you can enjoy a free trial version for 15 days.

  • Download Mobione Studio on your Mac and install it.
  • Then search of Command & Conquer Rivals
  • Install the game and start playing.

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